24 Sep 2015

EDZ at Cycle Show, Birmingham

Here is a photo of the EDZ stand ready for action at the Cycle Show at the NEC, Birmingham.  The show runs from today until Sunday 27th September.  Pop along and meet the team and check out our range of products -great for cycling and indeed any other activity!

We still have a few free tickets up for grabs so get in touch if you would like a pair!

10 Aug 2015

Sunny Saturday at Buttermere

When the sun is shining it reminds the EDZ team how lucky we are to live and work in the beautiful Lake District.

Here are a few shots from a Saturday stroll around Buttermere lake.

6 Aug 2015

EDZ Sponsor Annual Round Latrigg Fell Race

EDZ are pleased to be teaming up with the Keswick Athletics club again to sponsor the Annual Round Latrigg Race which will take place on Wednesday 19th August at 7pm.

This is a 5.5mile race covering 801ft of climb!

If you are interested in running then please contact Clive of Keswick Athletics Club on 017687 78205 and we will be able to answer any questions you might have.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Merino for the Sun -Reason 6 Insulates

When you are not being active, your body temperature beings to drop.  You may become cool and in need of warmth.  This is where the small fibres in Merino wool benefit from microscopic cortices of dead air, which trap body heat keeping you at your natural core temperature.  This makes Merino wool much warmer than cotton or synthetics.

It is for these reasons why wool is worn throughout the desert regions as it keeps you cool during the hot day and warm during the cold night.

Merino is particularly effective when worn as part of the EDZ three layering system for colder conditions or when riding a motorcycle.  This system sees the Merino base layer teamed up with a microfleece midlayer and a windproof innershell for a super efficient layering system.  In really cold temperatures the system can be complimented with a EDZ Yeti Jacket.  For more information on how the layering system works pop over to EDZ Layering

21 Jul 2015

Merino for the Sun -Reason 5 Travel Light

Whether you are going on holiday, having a day out with the family or hiking with a back pack, space comes at a premium.   This is where Merino wool comes in handy.

Merino garments will not need washing every day, even after a day of hard activities.   Merino wool naturally contains Lanolin which has antibacterial properties and stops any odour, keeping your Merino garments fresher for longer.

From our other posts, you will also see how efficient Merino is at regulating your temperature, keeping you cool when you are active and warm during rest periods.

You will therefore need to pack less clothing which is especially great if travelling on budget airlines or if you need to fit everything in to a back pack.

Merino for the Sun -Reason 4 Moisture Control

The fibres in Merino wool act like capillaries, absorbing any vapour before it becomes sweat and drawing it to the surface to evaporate, thus cooling you through evaporation.

Merino dries quickly and provides excellent moisture control.

14 Jul 2015

Merino for the Sun -Reason 3 Anti-Odour

Merino helps you sweat less and smell better. Unpleasant smells during and after activities are caused when sweat degrades. The structure of Merino wool actually locks away these unpleasant odour molecules. Merino is also able to absorb moisture vapour, it also reduces the amount of sweat - and therefore odour - left on the body in the first place. So your Merino clothes will remain fresher for longer than cotton or synthetic garments, and are cleansed more easily when washed.

Merino works in total harmony with the wearer’s body due to the fibres’ excellent natural elasticity. When you’re exercising, you do a lot of stretching - and you want a garment that stretches with you and then returns to its natural shape.  Merino garments are ideal for stretch-related activities such as gym workouts and yoga. And as Merino fibres are so fine, they feel soft next to the skin.

13 Jul 2015

EDZ Pirates go Dragon Boat Racing

On Sunday 12th July 2015 the EDZ Team attended the Keswick Regatta at Derwent Water to participate in some Dragon Boat racing.

Not wanting to fade into the background, the EDZ team got into the spirit of the day and donned our pirate costumes, complete with a compulsory EDZ All Climate Arab Print Multi-tube which made for a brilliant pirate bandanna!

EDZ were pleased to welcome along some extra crew members including the family and friends of EDZ staff and also some special guest appearances from the crew of Maryport Rescue, Maryport Round Table members and even a Maryport Coastguard CRO.  With a team of such high credentials we were in high spirits and eager to get out on the water for our first practice!

Safely clipped into our life jackets

It turns out that our pirate outfits were much more impressive than our paddling!!  We eventually got into a rhythm -believe me it is harder than it looks -and had our first race.  We didn't even get a look in and were absolutely trounced by the other team, but they didn't look any where near as stylish as us!

Team Pirate EDZ in action

We stayed in the water for our second race -a win! Yey! We returned to the shores triumphant and enjoyed a celebratory beer and flap jack -not realising we had another race to complete.

EDZ Refreshments arriving on the lake shore

During the break we were approached by some fellow competitors, a fearsome bunch going under the name of 'Girl Guides' who wanted to throw down the gauntlet.  Their demands were that if they beat us, we had to jump in the lake, if we were victorious we had to buy them an ice cream each.  I'm not entirely sure what was worse, the thought of jumping in a freezing cold lake or having to foot the bill for 20 ice creams!

A motivational team talk in progress

Back on the boat and ready for the next race

So off we went again (safely stashing the beers for when we got back) and headed out to the start line.  The Girl Guides were off to a flier (that quick that we hadn't even got to the start line when they set off the little scamps, I'm getting the excuses in now).  The EDZ team actually got into a good beat and were flying and making gains on the Guides.  As we got to the finish we were neck and neck with the helmsman not even being able to call who had won.  After a judges decision, the Girl Guides were ruled the winners and we scooted back to the shore much to the amusement of the EDZ supporters on the shore.

True to our word, we were made to walk the plank (well it a launch to be honest but you get the idea) by a group of 8 year olds and took the plunge in the depths of Derwent Water to cheers from the Guides.

Rather enthusiastic EDZ pirate taking the plunge

A soggy EDZ Team shot after a dip in the lake.  Yes those are the girls that beat us watching us!

Trudging back to the shore

The Guides proceeded to the final with the EDZ Pirates cheering them on.  Again it was a close call but the Guides won, taking the win and the Dragon Boat Race title!  Well done girls!

After a bit of drying off and a few more snacks the EDZ team received news -we were winners after all! We had won a prize for the Best Dressed Group at the Regatta.  Chuffed to pieces and full of stories the team trotted off home, pride dented but big smiles all round.

We'll see you next year Girl Guides and that trophy will be ours.  Arrrrhhhhhh!

Our trusty dragon boat

6 Jul 2015

Merino for the Sun -Reason 2 UV Protection

Merino clothing provides good protection from the sun. As a natural fibre, evolved over millions of years to protect sheep against the elements, Merino absorbs UV radiation providing protection from the sun. This makes it a good choice for a wide range of outdoor activities.

2 Jul 2015

EDZ supporting Ukantrail SBU35 Race

EDZ are pleased to announce that we will be supporting the UKanTrail SBU35 event. This is a 36 mile ultra trail race which runs along St Begas way from near Bassenthwaite in Keswick out to the coast at St Bees.

Entries are still available and full details can be found at the UKanTrail Website

Ukantrail say the following about the race:


The SBU35 is an, 'as tough as you want it', largely offroad ultra trail race, following a point to point route, from the heart of the Lake District to the West Coast. Based on the long distance route the St Begas Way, runners follow the route of a legendary Irish princess, travelling between two chapels, that both bear her name.

We originally designed this event with new ultra runners in mind. Feedback from last year's event showed that we'd got it right, with new runners loving the advice and friendly support they received. Experienced ultra runners rated the event as well and after a surprise entrant last year, some impressive winning finish times were set, proving this event to be a good choice for experienced ultra runners who want a fast course

The Start is in the heart of the Lake district on the shores of Bass Lake near Keswick, and the Finish and race HQ is in the west coast village of St Bees, the start of Wainwright's coast to coast walk.

Between these two points, lay 36 miles of some of the most beautiful country, the Lake District has to offer.

Route Description. From the wooded shores of Bassenthwaite lake, the route climbs on forest tracks before descending to the shores of Derwentwater. Through low level woods, the route hugs the lakeshore before heading south, through the 'Jaws' of Borrowdale. Ahead, a momentous climb begins and joins the old wagon road trail, passing through Honister Slate Mine and finishing with one of the steepest sections of track you'll have ever seen. The character of the event changes then, as runners enter the remotest section of the route, heading out over open fell and then descending, stunningly into the uppermost end of the secluded Ennerdale valley. There are no roads here and the only vehicle you're likely to see in this truly remote valley, is the Black Sail Youth Hostel warden's Landrover. After tracking the full length of this isolated and beautiful place, the route climbs steeply once more, giving runners their first view of the sea. After the final challenge of Dent Fell and a punishing descent, the route drops into the final valley, with the village of St Bees at its head.

Here, a warm, warm welcome, awaits each runner. 

This route is a journey, in every sense...

General Event Details. We've set very generous cut-off times at the checkpoints, whilst we've got two, stunningly fast course records, that'll challenge even top-flight runners. Fastest Male 5:12:31, Fastest Woman 5:49:56, Last Finisher 11:23:52, Average Finisher 08:20

Navigation is required, but simple! The course is unmarked, but all runners receive a fully waterproof, tearproof, detailed road book, with both OS based maps and clear text. In-experienced navigators who took part last year, loved it! There will also be a full .gpx file of the route, to download.

All of our checkpoints are based in permanent buildings, with toilets and will be continuously staffed by marshals, qualified First Aiders and radio operators.

All runners will receive:

  • A comprehensive road book, complete with mapping
  • Access to a GPS file of the route
  • Free coach transport to the start
  • Trail snacks at each checkpoint
  • Qualified medical staff at each checkpoint
  • Finish line food
  • Free pint of beer from our local, Ennerdale brewery. (This was a tremendous hit last year and many a pint was supped after the event)
  • A chance to win one of, as many spot prizes that we can get our hands on again!

Restricted to finishers only (We feel that you value most, those things that you work hardest to achieve), each finisher will receive our traditional, Honister Slate finishers medal and a commemorative, race branded, leisure tshirt.(In research and feedback from last year's entrants, people said that they had enough technical T's to last a lifetime, so this year, we're offering something a little different)

Safety. There will be a reasonable, minimum kit list specified, reflecting the terrain, distance and the 'on the day' conditions. 

We've listened to feedback from runners last year and there will be some reduction in the minimum kit. We have also decided to repeat the practise last year, of 'on the day revision' where an assessment of the weather conditions 'on the day', allowed us to reduce the mandatory kit for experienced runners and this practise will be followed again this year. However all runners must arrive on the day, prepared to race with all of the minimum kit, should weather conditions dictate it.

Our aim this year is the same as last, to get each and every one of you over the entire route, safely, with the minimum of fuss and the maximum amount of satisfaction.

Logistics. Race HQ/registration is located at the Finish in the West Coastal village of St Bees. Coach transport from there to the start, will be provided. Race start 08:00. Course cut off: 12 hrs. Checkpoints/feed stations at 10,20 and 30 miles approx. Checkpoint cutoff times will be pro-rata'd by distance and will be enforced. The course is approx.36 miles long, has 4000ft of ascent and 4500ft of descent. The route will not be signed, but an excellent, detailed, CLEAR, road book will be provided. Navigation skill level required - Low.

Note: This event is held under UK Athletics rules. Entrants must be 21yrs or over on raceday. Minimum kit will be required. GPS navigation file and Road Book will be included
Trail Running Association Permit : Applied for.

EDZ All Climate Motorcycle Base Layers

How not to overheat this Summer....

This is one way to help stay cool on a motorcycle in baking hot conditions.  

It is a fact that riding a bike in hot conditions can be a sweaty and uncomfortable experience & then you will probably need assistance to peel off your outer layers after your ride. 

In high temperatures EDZ base layers wick away sweat, provide cooling and stop skin sticking to linings, making for a much more comfortable experience when riding.

EDZ base layers start at £19.99 for a T-shirt, £24.99 for long sleeve crews and £49.99 for an all in one for race suits, for more information EDZ Motorcycle Base layers click here

1 Jul 2015

Merino for the Sun -Reason 1 Cooling

As temperatures hit a high today it feels like Summer has finally arrived, so its a great opportunity to continue with our Merino for the Sun campaign.  Lets begin with the first reason to wear Merino wool this summer -its cooling properties.

Many people make the mistake of thinking wool is only supposed to be worn when it is cold outside.  This is not true for Merino wool and your EDZ garments need to be top of your kit list regardless of the time of year.

EDZ Merino garments are all made from Superfine Merino wool to ensure optimum performance when you need it most.  This means that when the air is warm, the absorption capacity funnels away perspiration and keeps insulating dry air next to the skin. This ensures that your body's natural cooling systems performance at optimum levels.

Even when the weather isn't quite so warm, the same principles apply when engaging in activities and when your body temperature is raised, the cooling effects of Merino wool will ensure that you remain comfortably cool even when you are exerting yourself!

All of our Merino range benefit from these great cooling properties but our Merino T-shirts and Vest are particularly suited to summer so you can enjoy the sunshine!  These are currently in our Merino Sale with Vests just £24.99 and T-shirts at £34.99.

30 Jun 2015

Easy Care for your EDZ Merino Garments

You will see from previous posts that EDZ Merino has great anti-bacterial properties and can be worn for many days without needing to be washed.  However they will eventually need to be washed and there are a few simple 'easy care rules' to follow to look after your Merino garments.  

We are often asked about how best to care for EDZ Merino and we thought we would share some tips to keep your Merino garments in great condition:
  • EDZ Merino garments are machine washable to 30C 
  • Take care when the wool is wet as it is susceptible to damage, for instance do not wash with items that could catch such as jeans with rivets and zips
  • Be careful when hanging out to dry, avoid using pegs
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not use fabric softener
  • Merino garments can be ironed, but please take care when doing so and use a low heat
  • Beware of moths -moths can cause serious damage to your Merino wool!
  • Although our merino wool garments are pre shrunk you may experience up to 5% shrinkage

If you look after your EDZ Merino garments you will get many years wear out of them.

If you would like any further advice on how to care for your EDZ garments then please contact us and our team will be happy to chat to you.  You can ring us on 01900 810260 or email us at info@edz.biz.  Alternatively please feel free to pop in to our outlet shop at 60 Main Street, Keswick CA15 6JT and our friendly shop staff will help you out.

26 Jun 2015

EDZ's Cycling Themed Shop Window

The EDZ Keswick team have been busily re-designing our shop window again.  This time the them is a Tour de France inspired cycling theme featuring our favourite Merino sheep.

Here are a few photos of the shop this afternoon:

Come along to the EDZ outlet shop at 60 Main Street Keswick CA12 6JT and take a look at our lovely window display and grab a bargain in our EDZ Merino Sale which is still continuing in store and online at www.edzdirect.com

Have a great weekend!

25 Jun 2015

EDZ Supports Iceland Expedition

EDZ are pleased to be supporting an expedition to Iceland this Summer.  Here is what it is all about from the students themselves...

The planned route for the trip

On 12th July, 11 students from the universities of Oxford, Oxford Brookes, Reading and Gloucester will begin an exciting and ambitious expedition to Iceland. Over the course of 23 long (20 hours of daylight) days they will complete a traverse of the country on foot from its northern to southern-most points: Rifstangi to K├Âtlutangi. This will be a route of over 450km and, laden with all their food and equipment for the duration, they will be carrying a significant weight on their backs.
In addition, Iceland plays host to some infamously inhospitable landscapes and weather. During the trip the students will have to cope with bleak volcanic plains and powerful rivers, as well as heavy rain and strong winds. The students will have to work together as a team to cope with the heavy loads, challenging terrain and the many other difficulties that Iceland will no doubt throw at them. 
To aid them during this challenging expedition, EDZ has supported the trip by providing each student with a package of merino clothing. They will have few chances to wash their clothes and will experience some fairly extreme weather conditions, but the Merino base layers that EDZ have supplied will no doubt be equal to all this and the students are thus hugely grateful to EDZ for its generosity. Watch this space for more updates and photos of the Icelandic adventure!

19 Jun 2015

Chris Hodgson wins Australian Supermoto Championship

EDZ are proud to be a sponsor of Supermoto rider Chris Hodgson.  EDZ have been working with Chris for many years and its a pleasure to see him going from strength to strength.  He recently triumphed in Australia to win the 2015 Australian Supermoto Championship.

Chris' Winners medal

We will be catching up with Chris in a few weeks time and we will be posting up a profile on his adventures so far.  In the meantime, we are sending huge congratulations to Chris, keep up the good work!!

5 Jun 2015

EDZ Merino Wool for the Sun

If you thought that Merino Wool was only beneficial in Winter then we are here to give you the low down on why EDZ Merino garments should be at the top of your kit list this Summer:

1. Keeps you Cool
Merino has natural climate control properties making it comfortable to wear in hot conditions

2. Moisture Control
Merino wicks moisture and is absorbent and dries quickly

3. Anti Odour
Merino has awesome anti odour properties and can be worn for days without getting smelly

4. UV Protection
Merino provides excellent protection from the suns rays

5. Keeps you Warm
And when it is cool Merino is much warmer than cotton and synthetics

6. Travel Light
Merino garments will not need washing every day, even after a day of hard activities. You will need to pack less clothing which is especially great if travelling on budget airlines or needing to fit all of your kit into a backpack.  

7. Easy Care
When the time does come to wash EDZ Merino garments, simply put them in the washing machine on a 30c wash!

We'll be giving you even more information over the coming weeks, hopefully as the sun begins to shine! Be prepared and get your EDZ Merino garments and accessories online at EDZ Direct or at our Keswick Outlet shop at 60 Main Street, Keswick CA12 5JT.