5 Jun 2015

EDZ Merino Wool for the Sun

If you thought that Merino Wool was only beneficial in Winter then we are here to give you the low down on why EDZ Merino garments should be at the top of your kit list this Summer:

1. Keeps you Cool
Merino has natural climate control properties making it comfortable to wear in hot conditions

2. Moisture Control
Merino wicks moisture and is absorbent and dries quickly

3. Anti Odour
Merino has awesome anti odour properties and can be worn for days without getting smelly

4. UV Protection
Merino provides excellent protection from the suns rays

5. Keeps you Warm
And when it is cool Merino is much warmer than cotton and synthetics

6. Travel Light
Merino garments will not need washing every day, even after a day of hard activities. You will need to pack less clothing which is especially great if travelling on budget airlines or needing to fit all of your kit into a backpack.  

7. Easy Care
When the time does come to wash EDZ Merino garments, simply put them in the washing machine on a 30c wash!

We'll be giving you even more information over the coming weeks, hopefully as the sun begins to shine! Be prepared and get your EDZ Merino garments and accessories online at EDZ Direct or at our Keswick Outlet shop at 60 Main Street, Keswick CA12 5JT.

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