13 Jul 2015

EDZ Pirates go Dragon Boat Racing

On Sunday 12th July 2015 the EDZ Team attended the Keswick Regatta at Derwent Water to participate in some Dragon Boat racing.

Not wanting to fade into the background, the EDZ team got into the spirit of the day and donned our pirate costumes, complete with a compulsory EDZ All Climate Arab Print Multi-tube which made for a brilliant pirate bandanna!

EDZ were pleased to welcome along some extra crew members including the family and friends of EDZ staff and also some special guest appearances from the crew of Maryport Rescue, Maryport Round Table members and even a Maryport Coastguard CRO.  With a team of such high credentials we were in high spirits and eager to get out on the water for our first practice!

Safely clipped into our life jackets

It turns out that our pirate outfits were much more impressive than our paddling!!  We eventually got into a rhythm -believe me it is harder than it looks -and had our first race.  We didn't even get a look in and were absolutely trounced by the other team, but they didn't look any where near as stylish as us!

Team Pirate EDZ in action

We stayed in the water for our second race -a win! Yey! We returned to the shores triumphant and enjoyed a celebratory beer and flap jack -not realising we had another race to complete.

EDZ Refreshments arriving on the lake shore

During the break we were approached by some fellow competitors, a fearsome bunch going under the name of 'Girl Guides' who wanted to throw down the gauntlet.  Their demands were that if they beat us, we had to jump in the lake, if we were victorious we had to buy them an ice cream each.  I'm not entirely sure what was worse, the thought of jumping in a freezing cold lake or having to foot the bill for 20 ice creams!

A motivational team talk in progress

Back on the boat and ready for the next race

So off we went again (safely stashing the beers for when we got back) and headed out to the start line.  The Girl Guides were off to a flier (that quick that we hadn't even got to the start line when they set off the little scamps, I'm getting the excuses in now).  The EDZ team actually got into a good beat and were flying and making gains on the Guides.  As we got to the finish we were neck and neck with the helmsman not even being able to call who had won.  After a judges decision, the Girl Guides were ruled the winners and we scooted back to the shore much to the amusement of the EDZ supporters on the shore.

True to our word, we were made to walk the plank (well it a launch to be honest but you get the idea) by a group of 8 year olds and took the plunge in the depths of Derwent Water to cheers from the Guides.

Rather enthusiastic EDZ pirate taking the plunge

A soggy EDZ Team shot after a dip in the lake.  Yes those are the girls that beat us watching us!

Trudging back to the shore

The Guides proceeded to the final with the EDZ Pirates cheering them on.  Again it was a close call but the Guides won, taking the win and the Dragon Boat Race title!  Well done girls!

After a bit of drying off and a few more snacks the EDZ team received news -we were winners after all! We had won a prize for the Best Dressed Group at the Regatta.  Chuffed to pieces and full of stories the team trotted off home, pride dented but big smiles all round.

We'll see you next year Girl Guides and that trophy will be ours.  Arrrrhhhhhh!

Our trusty dragon boat

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