14 Jul 2015

Merino for the Sun -Reason 3 Anti-Odour

Merino helps you sweat less and smell better. Unpleasant smells during and after activities are caused when sweat degrades. The structure of Merino wool actually locks away these unpleasant odour molecules. Merino is also able to absorb moisture vapour, it also reduces the amount of sweat - and therefore odour - left on the body in the first place. So your Merino clothes will remain fresher for longer than cotton or synthetic garments, and are cleansed more easily when washed.

Merino works in total harmony with the wearer’s body due to the fibres’ excellent natural elasticity. When you’re exercising, you do a lot of stretching - and you want a garment that stretches with you and then returns to its natural shape.  Merino garments are ideal for stretch-related activities such as gym workouts and yoga. And as Merino fibres are so fine, they feel soft next to the skin.

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