15 May 2013

Colourful Merino Wool Baselayers

In addition to our standard Merino Wool Baselayer ranges, we have gone colourful this Summer. "Why would I want to be seen in my undies?" you might ask. Because our baselayers are not just underwear, or thermals. They are baselayers! Let me explain... 

Our baselayers are great! We know, because people tell us, and because we use them ourselves. But a good baselayer is not just for hiding under lots of layers. We want you to get your EDZ Merino baselayer out this Summer! 

A good baselayer doesn't just keep you warm, it keeps you cool too. Impossible? 
Well, it works like this: Our Merino Wool baselayers form a micro mesh over the skin which when layered under a second layer, traps the warmth escaping from your body, creating a layer of insulation right next to your skin. The Merino Wool is particularly good for this. You may notice however that we call our 1st layer of clothing a 'baselayer', not a 'thermal', because while it does have thermal properties when layered, it is not limited to being just a thermal. 
A baselayer should do some other crucial things to keep you comfortable. Our Merino baselayers manage your moisture, taking sweat away from the skin and drying quickly so that you don't get cold during periods of low activity. 
You can wear our Merino Wool baselayer on it's own, without overheating, because due to the knit we use they are air permeable, and that's how a good baselayer keeps you cool.