6 Jun 2012

EDZ neck warmer review in MCN

In case anyone read the review in MCN last week and was wondering what the reviewer was refering to (see below) we do still make these & the product is our windproof neck warmer now priced at £15.00 and it no longer has a red lining

EDZ neck warmer, £10
Time used:
10 years
What’s good: This is right up there as my best, most-used piece of riding kit and has been my trusty companion for the last 10 years. This exact model doesn’t exist now [oh yes it does - see above] but the current EDZ ‘extra warm thermal neck warmer’ is the closest thing.
It’s comfortable, warm and keeps the wind off your neck, chin and nose. It’s cheap, too.
I wear it for commuting, holidays and road testing in all but the very hottest months. I wash it regularly and it’s still as good as new. I’d be lost without it.
What’s not: It’s not the sexiest piece of bike kit I have, but it’s really effective.
Contact: www.edzlayering.com
Rating: 5/5