31 Oct 2011

EDZ Undersuit review from MCN 27/10/2010

EDZ one-piece baselayer, £50
Miles covered/time: 25,000/two years
What's good: Once you have worn a baselayer under leathers the days of struggling to get in and out of them are gone forever. The EDZ suit is the best I have ever used by managing to be comfortable under the leathers, stopping them rubbing and also acting as an excellent wicking layer to keep you both cooler on hot days and warmer on cooler days. You can also take a pee thanks to a zip that undoes from the bottom up. The new version has an offset zip to stop it rubbing on your neck, thumb and ankle loops and an anti-odour treatment. ....................

Rating: 5/5

EDZ Midlayer Five star review in MCN 21/07/2011

"Miles covered/time: 5000/two years
What's good: It's really comfortable and makes a massive difference to your body temperature. It may appear to be a very thin fleece but it manages to pack in a huge level of warming performance and will also go under fairly tight leathers so can be used on even really chilly winter days.
During the colder months I roll the fleece up into a very small ball and stash it at the bottom of a bag so it's always ready for use.
What's not: Nothing meaningful I can think of.
Contact: www.edzlayering.com
Rating: 5/5"

MCN's review of EDZ Midlayer