1 Jul 2015

Merino for the Sun -Reason 1 Cooling

As temperatures hit a high today it feels like Summer has finally arrived, so its a great opportunity to continue with our Merino for the Sun campaign.  Lets begin with the first reason to wear Merino wool this summer -its cooling properties.

Many people make the mistake of thinking wool is only supposed to be worn when it is cold outside.  This is not true for Merino wool and your EDZ garments need to be top of your kit list regardless of the time of year.

EDZ Merino garments are all made from Superfine Merino wool to ensure optimum performance when you need it most.  This means that when the air is warm, the absorption capacity funnels away perspiration and keeps insulating dry air next to the skin. This ensures that your body's natural cooling systems performance at optimum levels.

Even when the weather isn't quite so warm, the same principles apply when engaging in activities and when your body temperature is raised, the cooling effects of Merino wool will ensure that you remain comfortably cool even when you are exerting yourself!

All of our Merino range benefit from these great cooling properties but our Merino T-shirts and Vest are particularly suited to summer so you can enjoy the sunshine!  These are currently in our Merino Sale with Vests just £24.99 and T-shirts at £34.99.

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