30 Jun 2015

Easy Care for your EDZ Merino Garments

You will see from previous posts that EDZ Merino has great anti-bacterial properties and can be worn for many days without needing to be washed.  However they will eventually need to be washed and there are a few simple 'easy care rules' to follow to look after your Merino garments.  

We are often asked about how best to care for EDZ Merino and we thought we would share some tips to keep your Merino garments in great condition:
  • EDZ Merino garments are machine washable to 30C 
  • Take care when the wool is wet as it is susceptible to damage, for instance do not wash with items that could catch such as jeans with rivets and zips
  • Be careful when hanging out to dry, avoid using pegs
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not use fabric softener
  • Merino garments can be ironed, but please take care when doing so and use a low heat
  • Beware of moths -moths can cause serious damage to your Merino wool!
  • Although our merino wool garments are pre shrunk you may experience up to 5% shrinkage

If you look after your EDZ Merino garments you will get many years wear out of them.

If you would like any further advice on how to care for your EDZ garments then please contact us and our team will be happy to chat to you.  You can ring us on 01900 810260 or email us at info@edz.biz.  Alternatively please feel free to pop in to our outlet shop at 60 Main Street, Keswick CA15 6JT and our friendly shop staff will help you out.

26 Jun 2015

EDZ's Cycling Themed Shop Window

The EDZ Keswick team have been busily re-designing our shop window again.  This time the them is a Tour de France inspired cycling theme featuring our favourite Merino sheep.

Here are a few photos of the shop this afternoon:

Come along to the EDZ outlet shop at 60 Main Street Keswick CA12 6JT and take a look at our lovely window display and grab a bargain in our EDZ Merino Sale which is still continuing in store and online at www.edzdirect.com

Have a great weekend!

25 Jun 2015

EDZ Supports Iceland Expedition

EDZ are pleased to be supporting an expedition to Iceland this Summer.  Here is what it is all about from the students themselves...

The planned route for the trip

On 12th July, 11 students from the universities of Oxford, Oxford Brookes, Reading and Gloucester will begin an exciting and ambitious expedition to Iceland. Over the course of 23 long (20 hours of daylight) days they will complete a traverse of the country on foot from its northern to southern-most points: Rifstangi to K├Âtlutangi. This will be a route of over 450km and, laden with all their food and equipment for the duration, they will be carrying a significant weight on their backs.
In addition, Iceland plays host to some infamously inhospitable landscapes and weather. During the trip the students will have to cope with bleak volcanic plains and powerful rivers, as well as heavy rain and strong winds. The students will have to work together as a team to cope with the heavy loads, challenging terrain and the many other difficulties that Iceland will no doubt throw at them. 
To aid them during this challenging expedition, EDZ has supported the trip by providing each student with a package of merino clothing. They will have few chances to wash their clothes and will experience some fairly extreme weather conditions, but the Merino base layers that EDZ have supplied will no doubt be equal to all this and the students are thus hugely grateful to EDZ for its generosity. Watch this space for more updates and photos of the Icelandic adventure!

19 Jun 2015

Chris Hodgson wins Australian Supermoto Championship

EDZ are proud to be a sponsor of Supermoto rider Chris Hodgson.  EDZ have been working with Chris for many years and its a pleasure to see him going from strength to strength.  He recently triumphed in Australia to win the 2015 Australian Supermoto Championship.

Chris' Winners medal

We will be catching up with Chris in a few weeks time and we will be posting up a profile on his adventures so far.  In the meantime, we are sending huge congratulations to Chris, keep up the good work!!

5 Jun 2015

EDZ Merino Wool for the Sun

If you thought that Merino Wool was only beneficial in Winter then we are here to give you the low down on why EDZ Merino garments should be at the top of your kit list this Summer:

1. Keeps you Cool
Merino has natural climate control properties making it comfortable to wear in hot conditions

2. Moisture Control
Merino wicks moisture and is absorbent and dries quickly

3. Anti Odour
Merino has awesome anti odour properties and can be worn for days without getting smelly

4. UV Protection
Merino provides excellent protection from the suns rays

5. Keeps you Warm
And when it is cool Merino is much warmer than cotton and synthetics

6. Travel Light
Merino garments will not need washing every day, even after a day of hard activities. You will need to pack less clothing which is especially great if travelling on budget airlines or needing to fit all of your kit into a backpack.  

7. Easy Care
When the time does come to wash EDZ Merino garments, simply put them in the washing machine on a 30c wash!

We'll be giving you even more information over the coming weeks, hopefully as the sun begins to shine! Be prepared and get your EDZ Merino garments and accessories online at EDZ Direct or at our Keswick Outlet shop at 60 Main Street, Keswick CA12 5JT.

2 Jun 2015

Maryport Trawler Race

This weekend (Saturday 6th June 2015) sees the annual Trawler Race take place in Maryport, just down the hill from EDZ HQ.  Naturally we will be out supporting this event which is not only a sight to behold but will also be raising funds for Maryport Rescue and Maryport Sea Cadets.

It is one of the great things about being based in a coastal town that we get to witness some rather quirky traditions, with the Trawler Race being one of them.  For all of you wondering what on earth a Trawler Race is, let us explain.....

Maryport started out life as a small village and was once a very busy port.  Even in the days of the Romans, when Maryport was known as Alauna, the harbour was used to bring in supplies for the large fort which was built above the town.  The port grew and was thriving for many years and the town was kept bustling with visiting sailors and local fishermen.

Although the port is not as busy as it once was, the fishing tradition remains close to the hearts of the people of Maryport and the Trawler Race became an annual event.  The local fisherman, along with a handful of boats from nearby Isle of Man, pit themselves against each other in some good spirited racing.  The skippers are encouraged to decorate their boats in a theme of their choice and have their crew dress up with a prize being awarded for the best dressed  boat on the day.  Locals and tourists alike gather on the harbour side to wave off the trawlers and they race from point to point before returning to the harbour for some well earned festivities!

Trawlers heading out to the race start point

This year the race has been expanded to include more of a festival feel with attractions including a continental market, fair and bouncy castles as well as stalls from emergency services including Cumbria Constabulary, Cumbria Fire and Rescue and the Blood Bikes with many more in attendance.

So if you are in the area this weekend pop along and take a look!  The market and stalls with be open from 10am with the Trawler Race starting at 1pm.  

Team EDZ will be out supporting the event, although in an off duty capacity to enjoy the event to its fullest!
Good luck to everyone taking part

The Trawlers in action