16 Jun 2010

About wicking base layers

Wicking base layers are worn next to the skin and are made from materials that transmit & dissipate moisture efficiently so that when you sweat you don't end up with wet soggy clothing that in turn may make you cold.

The choice of base layer depends on the climate and activity. There are lots of different materials used in wicking base layers, here are some of them.

Man made fibres -
  • pros -  they dry quickly and wick well, easy to wash. generally durable.
  • cons  -  they can be prone to odours, polypropylene is particularly renowned and some  polyesters and nylons can be pretty stinky. Some have anti odour treatments applied to the material
Natural fibres -

Merino Wool
  • pros - very absorbent, wicks well, natural climate control fabric that  cools and insulates, inherently warmer than man made fibres and does not suffer from odours
  • cons - more expensive than the man made stuff & some prone to shrinking

  • Shares many of the properties of wool but is no where near as durable and is now pricey for what it is
We offer two base layers,  Our EDZ merino wool base layer SRP £40.00 & our EDZ  All Season Base Layers SRP £25.00 which is made from a performance polyester that works across a wide range of temperatures.

More info Merino base layer
More info All Season Base Layer

If you would like more information about wicking base layers please contact us for more information

14 Jun 2010

Kit for Climbing Kilimanjaro?

We have a few customers asking which bits of EDZ would be best suited for people doing the hike to the to of Kilimanjaro. These are our suggestions;

EDZ Merino Liner Gloves
EDZ Merino Beanie hat
Neck warmers;  EDZ merino multi-tube  or EDZ all season multi-tube
Base Layers; EDZ All season base layer or merino base layer
EDZ midlayer
EDZ Epic jacket
EDZ thermal boot socks
Warm fleece jacket EDZ Yeti Jacket

9 Jun 2010

EDZ Epic Review

The EDZ Epic jacket has just been reviewed in the  Outdoors Magic Web site

These are available from www.thermalshop.co.uk, Amazon and our Keswick shop

4 Jun 2010

EDZ Helmet liners for hot heads

Whether you ride a pedal cycle or motorcycle our EDZ All Season Helmet Liners are an essential kit at this time of the year as they wick away sweat and stop it running into eyes and prevent linings getting soggy. Essential for the follicley challenged & those sporting a number one hair style.

More info on http://www.edz.biz/bike/Product_pages/helmetliners

Meet PIP the EDZ mutt

This is Pip our chocolate flavoured lab aged 16 months who is a key member of the EDZ  team  -  in charge of alerting us to visitors and keeping us generally amused.   Takes us out for a walk every lunch time which gets us out of the office and is why you will get the answering machine around 1pm.

Likes chasing balls & sticks, going for walks, swimming, eating, sleeping and barking at anything she is not sure about.

3 Jun 2010

EDZ Merino Base Layers in hot weather

The EDZ merino works surprisingly well in hot conditions cooling more efficiently than you would imagine so is a realistic choice for more than just cool weather use.

Another useful property of the merino is they can be worn many times, get sweaty as you like and it does not smell which is handy if you are touring or of dubious hygiene and don't wish to overwhelm those in close proximity with noxious odours.

1 Jun 2010

Innershell Jacket - inside job

Someone asked me to clarify why the innershell is called the innershell;

It is called the Innershell as it is a windproof shell that is worn on the inside of a motorcycle jacket, hence InnerShell. Although it can be worn on its own as a windproof shell for other activities such as hiking, golf cycling etc.

The Innershell jacket is a very thin windproof shirt worn under a jacket, effectively a windproof liner. The advantage over other windproof shirts is that these are only 60microns thick and pack down very small so they can  be stowed away easily when not required.