6 Aug 2015

Merino for the Sun -Reason 6 Insulates

When you are not being active, your body temperature beings to drop.  You may become cool and in need of warmth.  This is where the small fibres in Merino wool benefit from microscopic cortices of dead air, which trap body heat keeping you at your natural core temperature.  This makes Merino wool much warmer than cotton or synthetics.

It is for these reasons why wool is worn throughout the desert regions as it keeps you cool during the hot day and warm during the cold night.

Merino is particularly effective when worn as part of the EDZ three layering system for colder conditions or when riding a motorcycle.  This system sees the Merino base layer teamed up with a microfleece midlayer and a windproof innershell for a super efficient layering system.  In really cold temperatures the system can be complimented with a EDZ Yeti Jacket.  For more information on how the layering system works pop over to EDZ Layering

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