25 Jun 2015

EDZ Supports Iceland Expedition

EDZ are pleased to be supporting an expedition to Iceland this Summer.  Here is what it is all about from the students themselves...

The planned route for the trip

On 12th July, 11 students from the universities of Oxford, Oxford Brookes, Reading and Gloucester will begin an exciting and ambitious expedition to Iceland. Over the course of 23 long (20 hours of daylight) days they will complete a traverse of the country on foot from its northern to southern-most points: Rifstangi to K√∂tlutangi. This will be a route of over 450km and, laden with all their food and equipment for the duration, they will be carrying a significant weight on their backs.
In addition, Iceland plays host to some infamously inhospitable landscapes and weather. During the trip the students will have to cope with bleak volcanic plains and powerful rivers, as well as heavy rain and strong winds. The students will have to work together as a team to cope with the heavy loads, challenging terrain and the many other difficulties that Iceland will no doubt throw at them. 
To aid them during this challenging expedition, EDZ has supported the trip by providing each student with a package of merino clothing. They will have few chances to wash their clothes and will experience some fairly extreme weather conditions, but the Merino base layers that EDZ have supplied will no doubt be equal to all this and the students are thus hugely grateful to EDZ for its generosity. Watch this space for more updates and photos of the Icelandic adventure!

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